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To insure your submission is received, we no longer use an automated program for submitting. The search engines and directories are constantly changing their submission routines which causes auto-submission programs to quit functioning. Many have devised schemes to make sure you actually come to their submission page to submit. So to provide the most reliable method for submitting your site/pages we have provided links to each engine/directories submission page. These open in a new window so when you're done with one you can proceed to the next.
This is the only method that will insure your submission has been completed successfully.



General Rules of Thumb:  
Submit no more than 2 pages per domain per day that focus on different keywords to avoid spamdexing.  Avoid submitting more than 30 pages per domain at any time.  Follow the rules outlined by each engine carefully.
Altavista Submit only 2 per domain per day. AltaVista will only accept 10 URLs per domain in a 24-hour period; if you submit more than 50 URLs in a 24-hour period, your domain will be removed from altogether. Submission code required for every 5 urls. Submitted pages take @ 2 weeks to appear. Automated submission not possible. Free Listing
GOOGLE Updates Yahoo! and Netscape default search 6-12 weeks for addition. Free Listing
HotBot Inktomi/Lycos based - Submit only 2 per domain per day. 8-16 weeks for addition.
Northern Light Not alot of traffic but a classic engine.  Look this engine to power larger ones in the future.  Free Listing
Fast Mostly updates Lycos. Rising search entity. Free Listing
Lycos Paid only via Lycos InSite! Affordable! Pay for Listing
Direct Hit A popularity ranking service utilized by some search engines.  Now a part of Teoma. Open Directory Project  * Important now for indexing of Netscape, HotBot, Lycos, Netscape, AOL, Google, and a host of smaller search engine directories. Free Listing
Snap!/ Now Looksmart Powered. Pay per listing.
Yahoo! Paid listings for Business/Shopping/Services anything Commercial. 199$
LookSmart Updates  Excite, Altavista, MSN, iWon and other popular directory results. Pay per listing.
Answer> Now uses Google (see above)
Inktomi Suggest pay for inclusion at PositionTech.
MSN Inktomi / Looksmart Free Listing
NightSurf MSN Adult Search
WiseNut A new major player! Free Listing
Infospace Very Important to submit primary domain. Free Listing
WhatUSeek On the decline, auto submission OK Updates Mamma
EntireWeb Small Engine/WorldLight Network: Accepts submissions from Free Listing
InfoMak Auto submission OK
Jayde Online Required Site Registration Free Listing
InfoGrid Small Engine Free Listing
Splut UK based banner-free engine. Accepts UK sites only. Free Listing
Teoma Rising Google competitor. No URL submit feature yet.
CNetSearch Web Based auto submitter to minor engines. Free
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